Shakira celebrates the inauguration of her 21-foot bronze statue in her homeland of Colombia.

In her native Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakira has a 21-foot statue honoring her legacy.  

The monument, which was unveiled on Tuesday, features the multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy winner in one of her well-known belly dance costumes, her arms gracefully raised toward the sky and her hips swaying to the right.   

The 46-year-old's posture is reminiscent of the classic music video for her hugely successful 2006 single, "Hips Don't Lie," featuring Wyclef Jean.  

In honor of the occasion, Shakira and her family took pictures with the bronze statue, which she later posted to Instagram.  

"It makes me happy to share this with my parents, especially with my mother on the day of her birthday," the performer said.  

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins stated at the unveiling ceremony that the statue "shows millions of girls that they can pursue their dreams and any of them can achieve what they want," as reported by Reuters.  

Underneath the statue, there is a plaque stating that on February 2, 1977, "Barranquilla and the world witnessed the birth of a heart that composes, hips that don’t lie, a voice that moves masses and a pair of bare feet that walk for the good of children and humanity."  

Shakira posted on Instagram, "This is too much for my little heart," in reference to the dedication.  

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