Suns' humbling loss to Clippers highlights ongoing fractures 

 Phoenix— Monday's solar eclipse was the first since 2017, but astrologists must have missed it this Phoenix Suns season because certain stars are absent and the sun is entirely veiled.  

In the final week of the regular season, a play-in tournament spot was at stake. The Suns say their playoffs began two weeks ago.  

A few early unforced blunders made us all think “oh no here we go again,” as they kept missing half-decent looks as the audience grew agitated  

Suns fans were properly booing before the score became that ridiculous after a 35-4 start on the heels of the last two playoff exits at Footprint Center.  

They cheered sarcastically after Devin Booker made his first of two free throws to halt a 5:18 scoreless streak.  

 They mocked Booker, the franchise's face through all the ups and downs. Although it was him, it shouldn't have mattered. The ridicule was justified.  

Phoenix's constant demonstrations of who they are materialized with alarming speed. Every slight surge since Christmas has been accompanied by puzzlers like Tuesday, and if the loss in San Antonio without Victor Wembanyama wasn't the last straw for many in losing faith in this team's future, it crushed any remaining optimism for this Suns season.  

All of the spiraling defeats and poor court connectivity raise locker room accountability questions. Head coach Frank Vogel, Kevin Durant, and Booker described it.  

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