Taylor Sheridan, the creator of “Yellowstone,” has spoken out in response to Kevin Costner’s departure from the film.

“Yellowstone” author Taylor Sheridan is breaking his silence approximately Kevin Costner’s approaching exit from the hit Paramount network drama.

earlier this yr, Costner greatly surprised the “Yellowstone” universe and fans with plans to go away the collection for paintings on ardour initiatives. 

Costner’s Yellowstone Ranch patriarch John Dutton, the cornerstone of the “Yellowstone” franchise, will come to an cease with the second half of of Season five scheduled for later this year.  

“i’m upset,” Sheridan advised The Hollywood Reporter in a cowl story interview launched Wednesday, suggesting that the difficult-to-kill character was never supposed to be on “Yellowstone” for the whole series. 

“It truncates the closure of his man or woman. It does not regulate it, but it truncates it.” 

Costner will recognition on his four-film Western saga “Horizon” that he’s co-writing, directing and starring in, with plans to wrap the second film this week.  

The actor’s paintings time table among the movies and the “Yellowstone” schedule has lengthy been a source of rivalry. Sheridan stated he has no difficult feelings. The No Doubt singer’s fans will be overjoyed to hear that 2024 will also mark her return to the recording studio. 

“My opinion of Kevin as an actor hasn’t altered,” Sheridan stated. “His introduction of John Dutton is symbolic and effective … and i have never had an trouble with Kevin that he and i could not training session on the cellphone. 

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