Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce just took a secret trip to Nashville together.  

Taylor Swift and three-time Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce reportedly visited Nashville in secret.  

A source informed DeuxMoi that the pair had a “family-packed holiday” in the state capital with “family time, good food, and a whole lot of secrecy.”  

Taylor and Travis were cool and kind, the person told the publication. They first visited Nashville's Soho House.  

He said they sneaked into the staff entrance and the curtained dining room. “The place was packed and no one knew.”  

The source said the staff “closed the hotel restaurant that's open to the public, and let Travis, Taylor, and their family play pool until they left.  

"They were fun and low key," said the insider.  

After Nashville, the two visited Kelce's family in Pennsylvania, according to the Daily Mail.  

A source said the Kansas City Chiefs player presented Swift to his three nieces—Bennett, Elliotte, and Wyatt—for the first time.  

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