Taylor Swift booed by Morgan Wallen’s fans during his concert

Taylor Swift was booed ferociously by country artist Morgan Wallen's fans at his recent show in Indianapolis.

The fan reaction began when Wallen, 30, made a good-natured remark about the international music sensation's tremendous influence.

"This is the single most attended concert in the history of this building, and we're the first to do it for two nights in a row,"

he remarked with a grin on his face. "I'm going to say that until Taylor Swift comes to town."

While some clapped for Swift, the vast majority criticized her. However, Wallen attempted to diffuse the situation by telling fans, "We don't have to boo, we don't have to boo. I appreciate it. I know you've had my back, though.

Wallen's joke, on the other hand, was not well received by Swifties, who decided to show their dissatisfaction with his audience by posting on X (which was formerly known as Twitter).

"Taylor Swift is more exquisite than you and the people that support you. Despite the fact that you are deserving of being insulted,

she would never do so. According to one Swiftie, "You need to get your name out there, so drop Taylor's name."

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