Taylor Swift Concerts Actually Caused Seismic 'Swift Quakes,' According To Science

The Swifties are powerful people, and you should never undervalue them, especially when they're yelling their hearts out to Taylor Swift or shrugging things off. 

Zoologists in New York confirm the reason for Flaco the owl's death.

This is because they have the potential to occasionally trigger seismic activity. Believe me, 

I mean this literally, as there is now scientific evidence to support it. Swift set new seismic records at her show in Seattle last summer while on her Eras Tour, 

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which is one of the many exciting upcoming projects that Swifties are looking forward to

Fans generated a "seismic activity equivalent of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake" during her concert in July of last year, according to CNN. 

 The pop star's Los Angeles shows also produced earthquake-like activity, or a "Swift Quake,"

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according to a recent study from the California Institute of Technology and UCLA titled Shake to the Beat: 

 Exploring the Seismic Signals and Stadium Response of Concerts and Music Fans. 

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