Taylor Swift Eras Tour setlist 2024: All 45 songs played by Taylor

It's safe to say that Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has well and truly surpassed every single expectation we had. The Eras Tour officially opened its doors in Glendale,  

Arizona on March 17th where Taylor performed songs from all 10 of her albums. 

Taylor has over 200 songs to choose from for The Eras Tour setlist – but what songs made the cut? And what songs got cut?  

Here's all the songs in Taylor's Eras Tour setlist, including every song featured in the show,   

how many songs she plays, every surprise song and whether or not she will change the setlist to include The Tortured Poets Department.  

Plus, all the updates to the setlist and what to expect for the international Eras Tour dates.  

The average Taylor Swift concert is around 2 hours long but The Eras Tour is a whole different beast.  

The concert is a whopping 3 hours and 15 minutes long, and Taylor performs a huge 45 tracks within that timeframe.  

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