Taylor Swift Eras Tour Ticket Change via Ticketmaster

Tickets for Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour this summer have been revised by Ticketmaster.  

The Eras Tour is heading to the UK after months of TikTok and her stadium concert tour, which we can't stop watching.  

Ticketmaster revealed a revision to the organization of TayTay's European tour 

which begins on May 9, 2024 in Paris and ends on August 20, 2024 in London. 

Their terms and conditions previously required the 'lead booker'—the cardholder who bought the tickets—to attend the event.  

Naturally, this worried gift-givers and younger fans whose parents had bought the tickets. 

Fans were unclear about whether the 'lead booker' had to attend the performance or at the gates where they showed their tickets. 

Thankfully, Ticketmaster published a revised policy in an email this week [April 4].  

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