Taylor Swift Releases Eclipse-Themed Lyrics Ahead of 'Tortured Poets Department'  

Taylor Swift will stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror, so let's hope she wears sunglasses.  

The "Anti-Hero" singer released what looks to be an eclipse-themed lyric from her upcoming new album The Tortured Poets Department on Monday (April 8)  

the same day the moon completely covered the sun from Earth's view for the first time in three years.  

In a video posted to Swift's Instagram Story, an unseen writer writes the following remark on typewriter paper: "Crowd goes wild at her fingertips."   

It's safe to presume that the lyric came from one of Tortured Poets' 16 tracks or one of the four bonus songs that will feature on Swift's deluxe editions of the album.   

It's only right that she released the lyrics on the day of the 2024 complete solar eclipse,  

a celestial occurrence that last occurred in 2021 and won't occur again — at least in a visible way from the United States — until 2044.  

The article comes less than two weeks before Tortured Poets' April 19 release date.   

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