Taylor Swift Types on a Solar Eclipse Lyrics Tease for ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

A few hours ago, this year's solar eclipse afforded rare views of a totality in several parts of North America.   

. Taylor Swift unleashed her inner poet, dropping clues about the impending release of "  

"The Tortured Poets Department" album, since she couldn't resist seizing the opportunity.   

The millionaire singer's fan following is already anticipating what may be her eleventh studio album, and the most recent tease has only increased the excitement.  

The pop artist, on the other hand, made sure that the tease did not deviate from the style that her record has been known for.  

Taylor Swift recently provided more gasoline for the Swifties' fire by posting an Instagram story including the words to her song,   

"The Tortured Poets Department." The chance to see the solar eclipse is already quite exciting.  

Take us as your Swiftian Cyrano, here to whisper the secrets of T. S. lore into your ear  

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