Taylor Swift's Bestselling Biography Is $5 on Amazon and Perfect for Swifties 

A new book that claims to offer an in-depth look into the life of the "August" singer has shot to the top of the charts, giving fans of Swiftie fans more reason to get excited about her impending 11th studio album.  

Who Is Taylor Swift? is the latest addition to the expanding collection of WhoHQ biographies featuring celebrities and performers, such as Dolly Parton, Travis Kelce, and Bad Bunny.  

Since its April 2 publication, the illustrated book has become the number one bestseller among children's musical biographies on Amazon. 

This Swift book is kid-friendly in comparison to the other books available, which makes it the ideal present for parents who want to introduce their kids to the Grammy-winning singer at an early age. 

In 112 pages, Taylor Swift's book Who Is? explains the life of the Billboard Hot 100 chart hit, from her upbringing on a Pennsylvania tree farm to her musical comeback and numerous accolades. 

Additionally, Gregory Copeland's illustrations of the vocalist will be available for viewing.  

Both new and seasoned readers will enjoy turning the pages of this book; in fact, verified. 

Amazon reviewers are raving about it, with one Swiftie noting that they "still learned a few things [they] didn't know."  

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