The 10 Best Fermented Foods For Gut Health, Digestion & Beyond

Fermentation has long been used to preserve food in various cultures, but its potential health benefits have made it more popular in recent years.

Even without probiotics, "fermented foods on their own are beneficial for gut bacteria," Sohi notes. "The gut microbiome is made up of about 100 trillion bacteria that share a symbiotic connection with us. 

Sauerkraut, a fermented meal popular in Germany, is created by naturally fermenting shredded cabbage and a pinch of salt, however starter cultures can also be used.


Kimchi is a traditional Korean meal made of salted and fermented vegetables, usually Chinese cabbage and radishes, but additional seasonings and foods (e.g., carrot, apple, pear) can be included.


Tempeh is a classic Indonesian dish created by fermenting hulled, boiled soybeans with a starting culture at room temperature for approximately 35 hours.


Natto, like tempeh, is a fermented soy food created by fermenting cooked soybeans with Bacillus subtilis variation natto1.


Miso is a fermented food that is well-known for its use in rich, savory soup recipes. The traditional Japanese paste is formed by fermenting soybeans with Koji, a mold-derived product.


Consuming fermented foods is not the only way to get their health advantages. Fermented liquids such as kombucha can also be beneficial. 


Kefir is a creamy fermented dairy drink from the Caucasus Mountains region that is made by adding kefir grains, a starter culture, to milk.


Yogurt is a fermented product containing Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus bacteria that has been found to have a favorable impact on the gut microbiome. 


The bread's starter is made by fermenting flour1 (a seven-day procedure) with lactic acid bacteria and yeasts found in the flour and its surroundings.


Get out the charcuterie boards. Cheese is a fermented food. Cottage cheese, for example, can be fermented using citric acid24, whereas Brie and Camembert use lactic acid bacteria25 and other microbes. 


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