In the film X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, the stunning actress displayed her action skills by playing the superhero Psylocke.   

She did a fantastic job of slicing and brawling her way through the huge confrontations. Boxing, tae kwon do,  

and karate were among of the activities that Munn participated in to maintain her physical fitness and get ready for the film.  

She trained for many hours every day to perfect her abilities.Without a doubt, she is more than just a famous actress.  

In roles on The Newsroom, The Daily Show, Zoolander No. 2, Ride Along 2, and Date Night, Munn has demonstrated both his humorous and dramatic abilities throughout his career.   

In addition, she has a foot in the world of sports: she has worked as a college football sideline reporter in the past,  

and she is a well-known mega-fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder (she was born and raised in Oklahoma).  

It doesn't matter if she's showing off her outfit on the red carpet, attending a game in Los Angeles or Oklahoma City, or working it on the big screen; Munn always looks absolutely stunning.  

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