The Artemis Astronaut Will Be Deployed with the First Lunar Instruments Chosen by NASA

NASA selected the first astronaut-designed research instruments for Artemis III.   

Three experiments will be deployed near the lunar South Pole to collect scientific data on the lunar environment,   

interior, and how to sustain a long-term human presence on the Moon, preparing NASA to send astronauts to Mars.  

“Artemis ushers in a new era of exploration where humans boost scientific discovery.  

NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said these unique sensors on the Moon would enable human-machine teaming, a new way of doing science.   

The equipment will study planetary dynamics, lunar polar volatiles, and exploration dangers for Artemis.   

Their unusual installation requirements need human deployment during moonwalks, hence they were chosen.  

All three payloads were chosen for development to fly on Artemis III, scheduled to launch in 2026. Final manifesting decisions will be made later.   

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