The Conversation at 50: Francis Ford Coppola’s neurotic and prophetic masterwork.  

In the 50 years since Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation was debuted in theaters, technological advancements and the decline of political culture  

The film's hero, Harry Caul, dread the future that his job as a professional wiretapper contributes to, one in which monitoring threatens to encroach on ordinary  

life and anti-government paranoia is so pervasive that the truth appears as elusive as sand between your fingers. What would Harry think of a world   

small cameras are prevalent in public places and people freely share personal information on social media or ice cream apps  

Consider Harry's 44th birthday, which he commemorates by moving his mailing address to a PO Box and breaking up with a former lover  

Gene Hackman, is such a legend in the surveillance business that colleagues beg him to appear next to the latest gizmo at their convention booths  

Ridiculous notion. He longs for companionship but avoids even the most basic  

His landlord bringing him a bottle of wine for his birthday is a full-fledged security breach; how did she get around the alarm  

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