The Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs From April 8 - 14

The Solar Eclipse The New Moon in Aries will highlight your first house of self, allowing you to enter a new stage of growth that will help you attract the abundance you want. 


Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion, will complete its reign in Taurus in May. This will increase its intensity and allow you to see what this period of your life signifies. 


The Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon occur in your home of wishes and community. This environment encourages you to transform the way you collaborate with others, network, and seek for support. 


The Solar Eclipse, which happens in your professional home together with the New Moon in Aries, will be quite potent for you. New Moons always signal a new beginning or chapter in your life. 


The week of April 8 will offer you amazing luck and abundance because the zodiac sign of Aries controls over this aspect of your life. 


Mercury Cazimi in Aries will occur on Friday, April 12, rewarding you with a fresh start in the path of transformation you've recently discovered within yourself.


Aries energy rules your home of romance, so even if you are focused on achieving professional success or pursuing your life path this week, you will still be dealing with emotional issues. 


The week of April 8 serves as a reminder that in order to create the life you want, you must first prioritize yourself. Aries energy rules your house of well-being, representing what you require to feel like your greatest self. 


As much as you are a seeker of the zodiac, constantly looking for new knowledge and deeper significance, it would be great if you recalled that happiness does not always exist somewhere else, but may be created right where you are.


The Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon will occur in your houses of home, family, and healing, presenting a dramatic opportunity for transformation and progress. 


The Aries Solar Eclipse focuses on your communication house. In this area, it's not just the things you say, but also how you communicate to yourself and form agreements with others. 


As much as it is advised not to start something new during Mercury retrograde, it is a reality that cannot always be ignored. However, what you may see as a new offer or prospect is often only a return to a previously pursued route or ambition.


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