The Luckiest Day Of The Week For Each Zodiac Sign From March 25 - 31

Asteroid Vesta in Cancer can direct you to communicate in more alignment with what you want, which will be reinforced by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  


Asteroid Vesta in Cancer can guide you to talk more in line with your desires, which will be amplified as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra rises in your region of resolve.  


Although the week will bring a lot of love success because your houses of relationships and marriage are activated, it appears that your sector of wealth will also profit significantly.  


The week begins with a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, which marks both the end and the beginning of a situation involving your home and family.  


The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will pass through your home of agreements, emphasizing communication and critical interactions.  


The Full Moon in Libra will bring attention to financial concerns, which will also benefit your personal life. With the Nodes of Fate in Libra and Aries, the topic is not only self-worth, but also the interaction between your personal and financial lives. 


You will have a breakthrough year in which you will be guided to make some significant adjustments in your life, as it becomes easier to put yourself first and practice boundaries that safeguard your self-worth and everything you've learned. 


Pallas stations retrograde in Sagittarius in your sector of self-worth, allowing you to have a better understanding of what you deserve and move from a fresh point of value.  


There are changes afoot this week as the Lunar Eclipse rises in your sector of wishes and Pallas stations retrograde in your house of self. This will prepare the way for asteroid Vesta to enter Cancer at the conclusion of the week in your house of transition. 


The Nodes of Fate are currently causing significant growth and opportunity in your professional and personal life. Still, as the Libra Lunar Eclipse arrives this week, opposing the Sun and Mercury in Aries, it's time to halt and lean into what you need to let go of in order to achieve success.  


Libra is the astrological sign that governs your lucky residence. This aspect of your life governs travel, wisdom, spirituality, education, and new chances.  


As the week begins with the Libra Eclipse, you will become more focused on personal problems and the changes that come with them. However, Pallas stationing retrograde in Sagittarius provides a significant possibility for professional achievement.  


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