The men's collegiate basketball Final Four generates $19.3 million in income. The women's teams get 27% of that.  

Women's collegiate basketball popularity is growing, but revenue still trails behind men's teams.  

There is also a gap in how much the female teams competing in this year's Final Four earn.  

Increased viewership and NIL transactions are likely to help close the revenue difference.  

Women's collegiate basketball is becoming increasingly popular, although there is still a significant disparity in revenue between teams and men.  

According to US Department of Education data, the final four men's teams still vying for the NCAA  

Division I tournament in 2022 had an average annual income of $19.3 million, about four times that of the four women's teams, who had an average of $5.2 million.   

The most current data available was for fiscal year 2022.Conference broadcast contracts distributed among member  

NCAA championship competitions, sponsorships, and ticket sales are also major revenue streams.  

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