The Most Empathic Zodiac Signs Who Feel Absolutely Everything (And Those Who Feel Nothing)

Being a people pleaser is difficult enough, but you are also a true empath, and the combination of the two causes you to be constantly agitated and anxious.


Taurus is extremely sensitive to the emotional outpouring of others, and is even psychically connected to those around them. You recognize this about yourself and do not brag about it.


You've spent your entire life caught between being a hardened perfectionist and a complete mushball of an empath.


Another zodiac sign that usually denotes a variety of things unrelated to sensitivity. The irony is that, despite your reputation as a harsh and ferocious Scorpio, you are also sensitive and the most zodiac sign.


Your empathy is profound, and you treat the world around you as a parent would a kid. You are ultimately concerned for others around you, and if there is any pain, you want it to be resolved.


You are a true empath, Gemini, although it is not always easy to be one. You absorb other people's emotions, and sometimes that makes you feel worse than it actually is.


Cancer's moodiness is sometimes regarded as a bad attribute, yet it also makes it much easier for her to empathize to what you're experiencing.


Libra is happiest when others she cares about are pleased. When someone needs a buddy to rely on, Libra is always available. That is why this is the zodiac's friendliest sign.


Leo is kind toward those she cares about the most. She may appear scary at first, but as you get to know her, you discover what a fantastic friend she is. 


Aries is one of the zodiac signs who requires real-world examples to make sense of anything. Sure, she's a great friend, but if you come to her with difficulties she doesn't understand, you won't get much sympathy from her.


Sagittarius is eager to engage in serious, thought-provoking conversations with you, but she is less enthusiastic about discussing her feelings.


You attempt to treat everyone equally, which is admirable in general, but when a normal human would choose empathy, you go for the kill.


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