The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla and His Tower

 The Serbian physicist, engineer, and inventor Nikola Tesla was impoverished and residing in a tiny hotel room in New York City at the conclusion of his brilliant but torturous life.  

 He worked over mathematical formulae and scientific issues in his thoughts during restless nights,,,

 spending days in a park surrounded by the animals that meant most to him: pigeons.  

 It was a behavior that would baffle scientists and academics for many years after his 1943 death. He used his ingenuity to design and refine his creations.  

 While Tesla believed that his contemporaries lacked scientific talent, it was evident that guys like Edison and George Westinghouse ,,,

 have a business-minded mindset, something that Tesla did not.  

 Additionally, Nikola Tesla made a bold endeavor to alter the course of global power transmission and communications in the final days of the Gilded Age in America.  

 After successfully persuading J.P. Morgan that he was close to a breakthrough, the financier awarded Tesla over $150,000 to build the massive, futuristic,,,

 and striking tower in the heart of Long Island, New York. When news of Tesla's plans to build a global wireless transmission system spread in 1898.

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