The US reports the first bird flu infection in a young goat.

– USDA: Over 82M birds, 200+ mammals impacted by H5N1 since 2022 outbreak.

– First domestic ruminant case: baby goat in Minnesota tests positive for bird flu.

– Mysterious goat deaths in Stevens County linked to removal of poultry flock due to HPAI.

– Shared area and water supply raise concerns of virus spread among multiple species.

– H5N1 strain initially detected on Midwest poultry farm in Feb. 2022.

– HPAI mainly affects birds but also spreads to mammals like foxes, skunks, and bears.

– State vet Dr. Brian Hoefs notes mammals are dead-end hosts, limiting virus spread.

– CDC advises caution: domestic animals in contact with infected birds are at risk.

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