There Appears to be Dynamic Brain Changes Resulting from a Fasting-Style Diet.

An important finding in the fight against obesity has emerged from the minds of scientists 

cutting calories intermittently causes major changes in the brain and the intestines, which may lead to novel approaches to weight maintenance. 

In a 62-day study, 25 obese volunteers from China participated in an intermittent energy restriction (IER) program, which includes relative fasting on some days and rigorous calorie restriction on others. 

In addition to a weight loss of 7.6 kg (16.8 lb), or 7.8 percent of their body weight, on average, 

study participants also showed changes in the composition of their gut bacteria and the activity of brain regions associated with obesity. 

"Here we show that an IER diet changes the human brain-gut-microbiome axis," stated Qiang Zeng, 

a health researcher from China's Second Medical Center and National Clinical Research Center for Geriatric Diseases, when the results were published in December 2023. 

We don't know what causes these changes or if the gut affects the brain. Although the gut and brain are tightly linked, treating some brain regions may help reduce food intake. 

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