There are octopuses hiding a fish; in thirteen seconds, can you find it?  

When we see an optical illusion, our brain is tricked into thinking that an object, drawing, or person has changed shape.  

Many different types of optical illusions exist, including physiological, cognitive, and physical illusions.   

Scientific studies have shown that the average human brain is capable of perceiving objects or images from multiple perspectives.   

These optical illusions often serve as a psychoanalysis exam component since they reveal information about your perception and IQ.   

On this occasion, we have devised a deft representation of the optical illusion depicting a fish discretely positioned among a cluster of octopuses.  

As a Brain Teaser, the aforementioned picture is challenging for people of all ages.   

You may observe octopuses submerged in water in this optical illusion.  

On the ocean below, beside a treasure box brimming with golden coins, the octopuses have congregated.   

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