There will be no more "Power Book II: Ghost" after Season 4.

Power fans are losing Ghost again—this time the series. 

Starz canceled Power Book II: Ghost after its fourth season.  

The first half will air June 7 and the second September 6. See teaser above. 

This week, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch announced plans to reduce content costs by generating more new shows rather than prolonging series as they get more expensive. 

His example was the Power franchise: “You look at the [Power] map and say, ‘OK, if I take one of those characters out and spin one of those out, I can bring that on to replace the Power show at half the cost. 

Now I'm investing heavily in the bottom line. We know what those demos want, so I'm not losing acquisition money or subscriber viewership. 

Turning that slate over with fresh material to fuel the business is the key to that 20% margin.” 

Just as he disclosed, everything is unfolding as it should.  

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