These 3 Zodiac Signs Won't Be Fool By Love On April Fool's Day

It's April Fool's Day, and we're waiting to be duped, pranked, or tricked by someone waiting for us just around the corner. We are all ready to blame someone or anything for whatever happens today. 

If there was ever a 'fall guy,' it would be Mercury retrograde. So, if something happens on this day that makes you feel foolish, you know 'who' to blame for this oh-so-hilarious April 1 prank: our friend, Merc the Jerk.

We've got some Mars energy boosting our expectations. We are ready to be angry even though nothing has happened yet. There is no certainty that something will happen.

These three zodiac signs are known for being more sensitive than usual. Our pessimistic expectations may actually pay off simply because we are obsessing on them.

We will not be duped again. We even have a theme music to help us along! Overall, Merc the Jerk is, regrettably, highly supportive of April Fool's Day, thus our best bet for this day is to give it no quarter.

April 1 puts you on edge, protecting yourself against what you believe might happen, whether it does or not. You're feeling jumpy and jittery today. You can't put your finger on it, but you keep expecting someone to leap out of a closet and scare you. 


On this day, April 1, 2024, you are comfortable being on the defensive. That's primarily because you've been on the wrong end of a prank in the past, which has taught you to be cautious in the future.


This year is jam-packed with teachings that you won't be able to absorb without feeling dizzy. You are doing quite well. However, this day has put you on edge. 


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