Tim McGraw and Faith Hill explore the Old West in ‘1883’ as husband and wife.

Going into Taylor Sheridan's "1883," Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were focused on one thing: unflinching commitment. 

The married country music artists would be starring together on cinema for the first time, never mind as husband and wife roles. 

McGraw tells The Envelope, "We knew we had a big hill to climb and there were going to be people gunning for us to fail." "We had one task to complete each week on set: killing it." 

The pair, who portray James and Margaret Dutton, move from their Tennessee roots to an unpopulated area in the West with their teenage daughter Elsa (Isabel May) and son John (Audie Rick).  

The trip is, to put it mildly, not successful. The "Yellowstone" prequel's unmistakable charm stems, in part, from the way it immerses you in a type of western scripture that makes you feel as though you're traversing the Great Plains alongside them. 

But McGraw and Hill worried about projecting their charisma and connection in the absence of "Faith and Tim making an appearance on screen," says Hill. 

"I've been married to Tim for about 26 years. Together, we have completed every task. We've created songs, gone on tours, worked in the studio, and raised three girls. We spend all of our time together," she smiles.  

They consented to refrain from character discussion or rehearsal off the set. These limits gave them the chance to be present when the call to action was made.  

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