Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Matching Outfits at Latest Event Send '1883' Fans Wild

Get out of the way and allow the nation's elites demonstrate their skills! Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are a pair that is very successful both on and off the screen. They look amazing on the red carpet. 

The gifted couple, who married more than 20 years ago, is still together today, and since they co-starred on 1883, their lives have become even more entwined.  

Fans are obviously aware of the couple's obvious connection on screen (really!), but Tim disclosed that, out of all of his co-stars, he was most anxious to perform with his wife. 

It took him three days to summon the courage to approach Faith about playing his on-screen spouse in 1883 and Yellowstone. 

Big stakeholders in the industry, including as performers, media buyers, and executives, haven't had the opportunity to meet in person since Viacom and CBS merged to form Paramount in December 2019—until now.  

Tim and Faith were invited by Paramount to attend their upfront presentation in person, and the duo did not let them down. 

With matching black pants suits, they both maintained a sleek and direct look. Faith wore a seductive lace bodysuit under her blazer, while Tim left his trademark cowboy hat at home. 

It's fortunate that the pair opted for a basic and understated look, as they were a popular topic of conversation throughout the evening.  

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