Tom Brady has revealed a very relatable childhood crush.

Tom Brady accomplished a lot throughout his NFL career, winning seven Super Bowls and setting numerous all-time records that may never be surpassed.

Brady was also married to one of the world's most accomplished ladies, Gisele Bundchen, a world-renowned supermodel.Brady has seen and done it all, but he recently spoke about life before fame, riches, and success. 

He also disclosed his boyhood crush, whose name many people around the same age as the all-time great will recognize.

During an episode on VicBlends' "Deep Cuts" podcast, the celebrity barber probed the GOAT about his boyhood crush.

The young barber revealed that he was unfamiliar with Anderson, but the older Brady attempted to educate him on one of the most prominent television personalities of the 1990s.

He asked the barber's father to show his son how lovely Anderson was in her prime, when she featured on magazine covers and billboards around the country.

Brady has been away from the NFL for a whole year and is preparing for his next venture: broadcasting.

When the former quarterback takes over as the lead color commentator on FOX's NFL broadcasts this fall, he will exchange in his helmet for a headset.

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