Too Much Time Alone for Your Parrot?

– Parrots can now video call each other, reducing their isolation and mimicking flock behaviour.

– Researchers including Kleinberger and Cunha found parrots actively engage in video calls, benefiting from social interaction.

– Owners trained parrots to use a digital system, allowing up to two five-minute calls every three hours.

– Over 1,000 hours of footage analysed, showing reduced isolation and increased social behaviour post-calls.

– Parrots chose their "friends" to call, with popular choices leading to new skills and behaviours.

– Results show high motivation, intentionality, and perceived benefits among caretakers.

– Video calls replicate flock social benefits, improving parrots' well-being.

– Long-lasting friendships observed post-study, like Ellie the cockatoo still chatting with Cookie, an African grey.

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