Travis Kelce has sweet reaction to how Taylor Swift has influenced his music taste

Travis Kelce's signature celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs is this one, even if the Bestie Boys do it better

Even though he doesn't mind getting up in front of the microphone to perform, everyone agrees that Taylor Swift is the real musician in their relationship. 

Kelce told Entertainment Tonight, "It's been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure."

She performs things that are just incredible. It's also extremely eye-opening to me to discover where she finds inspiration for her creations and how creatively she listens to music.

Her perspective has been entertaining to hear."But nobody will be surprised by his favorite music. And whenever he gets the chance, he makes sure to listen. 

As evidenced by a video that some of his pals uploaded, Kelce is fully proficient in the lyrics of his girlfriend's hit songs.

 Swift's song "Bad Blood" was played in an attempt to frighten the Chiefs tight end, who was out on the golf course with buddies.

But rather than bothering him, it inspired him, and he found himself singing along and feigning to play the air guitar. 

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