Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs tight end, taught self-awareness in 5 words.  

The Kansas City Chiefs' three-time Super Bowl champion tight end Travis Kelce announced this week that he would host the second annual Kelce Jam music festival at Azura Amphitheater on May 18.  

After winning the Super Bowl, last year's Kelce Jam packed out the 20,000-seat arena.  

That was before Kelce started dating Taylor Swift. Kelce is a three-time Super Bowl winner and dating Time's Person of the Year, who has expertise with sold-out events.   

Perhaps the Hollywood Reporter asked Kelce what he'd learned about the concert business from his pop star fiancée.   

"Don't try to be Taylor, I've learned," he said. She's in another league.  

She is the finest at what she does because she is articulate and tuned in to all she does. And that's its charm. Trying to copy her would be foolish."  

Don't imitate Taylor. Kelce may have an inflated ego. Three-time Super Bowl champion, considered the NFL's best tight end, he proved he could succeed at music festivals before Swift arrived.  

Additionally, he will present Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?   

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