Turkules the wild turkey's capture leaves New Jersey town mourning.

West Orange, New Jersey residents are devastated that "Turkules," a wild turkey whose tenacity and deviousness "brought the town together," was eventually apprehended by state authorities.   

Named after a local guy, Turkules first spent the summers living in West Orange, which is 25 miles west of New York City.   

The bird quickly gained local superstar status due to his reckless approach to traffic and disdain for authorities.  

His notoriety only increased as Turkules spent weeks outwitting animal control officers.   

At three feet tall, with a bright red wattle and over a yard of wingspan, Turkules staked his claim to an area of grass beside a busy road. 

He quickly gained notoriety for his propensity to stray into the street and cause mayhem.   

People frequently shared pictures and videos of the turkey standing in the middle of the road, pecking at tires and flapping his wings, boldly, on Facebook and Instagram.  

Turkules was praised as a sort of West Orange mascot, even though he occasionally caused traffic backups that stretched for miles. Turkules was so well-liked that businesses held a "Hometown Hero" celebration in his honor on Saturday.

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