Two free throw attempts each by the Celtics and the Bucks set a new record.

The Bucks and Celtics made a record-low two free throws Tuesday night. The Celtics were the first NBA team to not shoot. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo made one of the Bucks' two free throws in a 104-91 win. 

It was only after the game that Rivers noticed how few free throws there were. 

"I thought it was a physical game, and then they handed me the stat sheet, and I told them, 'No, I need the full game,'" "Rivers" stated. 

I assumed that was the statistics from halftime. I paid no attention to the time. 

Wow, two free throws in a basketball game! I couldn't help but say that. 'That's insane.'" 

One free throw attempt per game was previously held by both the 2014 Memphis Grizzlies and the 2018 Atlanta Hawks. 

On Tuesday, the Bucks set a new league record with the fewest fouls ever committed with only four. 

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