US stock market hits record high after three-day lull

 The performance of 500 of the biggest US firms is tracked by the S&P 500, which ended the week with a 0.9 percent gain, breaking the previous record. 

 The increase brings the benchmark index's gain in 2024 to almost 10%. 

 The Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average both experienced increases of 0.51 and 1.22 percent, respectively. 

 The two largest corporations, Apple and Tesla, increased by 2.12 and 1.22 percent, respectively, while Nvidia Corp. 

 a semiconductor manufacturer, decreased by 2.5 percent. 

 After revealing that the US Food and Drug Administration had approved its medication Winrevair to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, pharmaceutical behemoth Merck saw a 5% increase in share price. 

 Carnival Cruise Lines saw a 1% increase in shares after the business revised its costs downward and raised key revenue and earnings predictions. 

 Office supply business Cintas saw a rise of 8.2 percent on the release of its latest quarter earnings results, which exceeded analyst expectations. 

 The social media business owned by former US President Donald Trump, Trump Media & Technology Group,,, 

 increased 14.2 percent, carrying on its upward trend after its 16 percent market debut the day before. 

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