Usher and Jennifer Goicoechea got married: A couple said ‘I do’ in Las Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday

Usher, the well-known R&B musician, recently made news for both his electric Super Bowl halftime performance and his surprise wedding to longtime girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea.  

The couple, who are both 85 years old, decided to take their romance to the next level by marrying in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas on that historic Super Bowl Sunday.  

The couple's wedding announcement came immediately after Usher's high-energy performance, adding to the excitement of an already unforgettable day for the superstar.  

Records from the Clark County Clerk's Office confirmed the couple's marital status, revealing that they received a marriage license three days before their wedding.  

Usher, 45, is embarking on his third marriage, while Goicoechea, 40, is taking her first walk down the aisle.  

Despite their disparate marital experiences, the couple's passion to one other appeared unshakeable as they exchanged vows in the glittering setting of Las Vegas,   

a city famed for its impromptu celebrations of love.The timing of their wedding, just hours after Usher's electrifying Super Bowl performance, added a sense of spontaneity and romanticism to the event.  

It exemplified a combination of professional accomplishment and personal satisfaction, resulting in a moment that would live on in both their memories and pop cultural history.  

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