Watch the Exciting First Footage of 'Joker 2': Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix Show Off Their Bad Romance!

Harley Quinn and the Clown Prince of Crime believe the world needs love. 

In the first trailer for “Joker: Folie à Deux,” Joaquin Phoenix reprises his role as Arthur Fleck, who eventually becomes Batman's bitter rival, 

and conspires with Lady Gaga as the deranged Harley Quinn.   

As Arthur Fleck has a crazy “meet cute” with Harley Quinn at Arkham Asylum, where Joker is imprisoned at the end of the first film, the gritty footage begins.   

After meeting, they plot to escape their straight jackets and face the world. Once in Gotham, they dance and spin madly. 

I'm nobody. Joker asks Harley Quinn, who pretends to shoot herself in the head with a finger pistol, whether she has done anything. 

The Joker, Arthur Fleck, a struggling stand-up comedian and part-time clown, was introduced in the first film. 

In the sequel, he tours alongside Harley Quinn as his crazy muse. He's less lonely in this film. 

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