What killed Flaco the owl? NY zoologists testing for toxins, disease as contributing factors

Flaco, New York City's star owl, died after a traumatic impact, zoologists verified a day after allegedly flying into a building 

with additional tests expected to verify whether the Eurasian eagle-owl was unwell. 

What happened in Flaco's final hours is on the minds of his supporters all throughout the city,  

who cheered him on as he defied the odds by fending for himself despite living in captivity. 

Police are still looking for whoever let him out of his enclosure at the Central Park Zoo a year ago. 

The necropsy revealed that Flaco was in good physical health, having caught prey despite having no hunting experience since joining the zoo as a fledgling 13 years ago. 

 According to the necropsy report issued on Saturday, the owl weighed 1.89 kilos (4.1 pounds), about 2% less than when he was last measured at the zoo. 

Flaco was discovered dead on a sidewalk in Manhattan's Upper West Side on Friday, reportedly after colliding with a building. 

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