“When Calls the Heart” StarErin Krakow: Fiona's Community Is 'Heartbroken' Without Kayla Wallace 

The Hallmark drama's eleventh season debuted on Sunday night, but Wallace's character Fiona was noticeably absent.  

Fiona is one character that is absent from When Calls the Heart's eleventh season.

The Hallmark drama made a surprise return on Sunday, with star Kayla Wallace's Fiona not showing up as planned. The actress, who debuted in season six of the show, was fired from it.  

Executive producer and series lead Erin Krakow addressed the change, discussing how the 35-year-old Wallace's absence affected the actors throughout the current season's filming as well as the show's characters.  

"Look, she goes to the barbershop and Robert is there. Not to put too fine point on Elizabeth."  

Robert won't be cutting her hair, Krakow jokingly told TV Insider. Indeed, the group is quite close-knit. 

People are, in my opinion, truly devastated by Fiona's absence. To be honest, the episode doesn't give us enough time to adequately explore that. So ideally, it doesn't seem like people are disregarding her leaving in any way."  

When Calls the Heart, which terminates Wallace's character, suggests that Fiona required additional time spent off-screen with the suffragettes.  

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