William Levy responds to Elizabeth Gutierrez's statements about their breakup.  

After Elizabeth Gutiérrez exclusively confirmed her breakup with William Levy on HOLA!  

Fans of the now-ex couple have filled social media with their thoughts, as well as support for both sides.  

During this flurry of emotions, the Cuban actor took to social media with a cryptic statement, which many have interpreted as a response to the candid   

'Ely' discussed the difficult times she is going through after ending her relationship with the Cuban actor.  

The "Vuelve a mí" actor liked a fan account's post on Instagram stories, displaying an image of his face with the phrase  

"If you don't fight for what you want in life, you'll never have good stories to tell."The actor, who has children Christopher Alexander   

Kailey Levy with Elizabeth, has not responded verbally to his ex-partner's claims.  

Elizabeth informed HOLA! that they had been separated for some time. The repost was William's immediate reaction to her shocking interview. 

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