World's Oldest Man Dies Weeks Before His 115th Birthday

Juan Vicente Pérez, the world's oldest man, died weeks before his 115th birthday. 

Guinness World Records reported that Venezuelan governor Freddy Bernal confirmed the story. 

Pérez was born May 27, 1909. The outlet said in 2022 that he was the ninth of 10 children born to Eutiquio del Rosario Pérez Mora and Edelmira Mora. 

Bernal posted multiple condolences and tributes on X (previously Twitter) on Tuesday, April 2.

"Our dear Juan Vicente Perez Mora, today with deep sadness and pain we say goodbye to you, to that archetype of a man from Tachira, humble, hard-working, peaceful, enthusiastic about family and tradition," he tweeted in Spanish-to-English Guinness translation. 

The governor said his wife and kids had “the pleasure and the pride of meeting him.”

Bernal said, "My old Don Vicente, we will always remember him for his optimism, faith, hope, and deep love for Tachira."

"He will always represent goodness, knowledge, and joy, thus his legacy will carry on in our hearts and lives. Peace to my old man, Don Juan Vicente. Never forget you."

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