WWE Wrestlemania 2024 Night 2 Results: John Cena and Undertaker Join Cody Rhodes to End the Story

Welcome back! We survived Wrestlemania Saturday with The Rock and Roman Reigns thrashing Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. 

The main event of Night Two will be held under Bloodline Rules, so Roman Reigns can do anything. 

Overall, Wrestlemania Night One was great.  

The night had no bad matches and some historic moments.  

Sami Zayn ended Walter's Intercontinental Championship reign, the Tag Team Championships were split again, and The Rock returned to the ring after years and looked magnificent. 

It may seem impossible for Wrestlemania Sunday to match Saturday's intensity, but the card is incredible.  

Two world titles, a street fight, more titles, etc. 

See the whole Wrestlemania 40 Night Two card below. 

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