'Yellowstone' Reportedly Has Kevin Costner's Interest in Returning for Final Season

Okay, okay, okay. Check out what we've got here. A recent Puck rumor states that Kevin Costner is interested in returning to Yellowstone for a cameo or more meaningful role 

Unfortunately, the plot points for the second half of Season 5 have already been penned—without any mention of Costner's comeback as John Dutton.

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Here, we may deliberate. Creative differences, including Costner's need for additional time to film his epic Western Horizon: An American Saga, contributed to a tumultuous relationship between the two for much of 2023.

During a September 2023 divorce hearing, Costner stated, "Somewhere along the line, they wanted to change things" in reference to Yellowstone's development, as reported by Deadline.

Their plans to implement 5A and 5B had an impact on Horizon. Horizon was going to be my next film, and I was planning to leave that show after finishing it. 

Then I would do B., a show that I had been doing once a year, now I was doing twice.

of this, here is what is known of Kevin Costner's relationships, divorces, and wives:

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