Yohan Ramirez Suspension: Mets pitcher receives three-game suspension for throwing at Rhys Hoskin

New York— Even in his Brewers outfit, Rhys Hoskins remains the Mets' adversary.

"You can't rush or cheat the healing process," Curry told reporters following Friday's practice in Los Angeles. "There are some that are kinda on the fence with whether you can push through it and not make it worse, just deal with the pain."

Hoskins dominated the Mets at the plate on Saturday and was involved in a heated exchange with reliever Yohan Ramírez, who was ejected for throwing behind Hoskins.

"I'm a competitor, right?" Hoskins stated. "People boo you, question you, and do whatever they want. It's always enjoyable to prove others wrong." 

Hoskins hit a 107 mph home run to deep left field off Luis Severino, hop-stepping into his home run trot and pointing out toward the stands as he circled the bases. 

"We'll see [if I keep it]," Hoskins replied. "It's really just some guys having fun. It seems to work today, so if we keep winning, we may have to keep it up."

"He is one of our pillars," Murphy added. "Rhys is a special person. He's more than just a talented baseball player. He's very committed to playing the game properly and to leading."

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