Zelda enthusiasts must acquire this $15 Steam game.  

The wonderful Tears of the Kingdom made the Legend of Zelda series shine last year. This is sad because it means we won't see another Zelda game for a while.   

While Switch copies of classic 3D games have been speculated and a remake like Link's Awakening is possible, Link isn't expected to travel anytime soon.  

Minishoot' Adventures, a terrific new Steam game, can fill the hole. The $15 indie game pays homage to top-down Zelda games, but with a twist. Players operate a tiny ship, blasting enemies in every direction and navigating chaotic bullet hell battles in this twin-stick shooter.  

Minishoot Adventures is a fantastic genre mashup. Its interwoven maps with mysteries and vibrant art style make it look like a Zelda game.   

My favorite elements of the original The Legend of Zelda for NES are present, like hidden caverns, dungeons, boss designs, and a variety of items that steadily expand its environment.  

I start as a blaster-armed ship. I use the left stick to move and the right stick to fire. I circle adversaries and fire them while evading their shots in this classic shoot-em-up.  

Amazingly, that approach works with an exploration-based adventure game. More enemy ships I destroy mean more crystals to increase my ship's damage, fire rate, etc.   

I progress from a tiny single shot to a five-shot spread that fires faster. That slow buildup captures the excitement of arcade space shooters that build ship shoots with power-ups.  

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