Zendaya in a Louis Vuitton spring green baby doll dress in Paris  

At the Parisian Maison de L'Amerique Latine photocall for her Luca Guadagnino-directed film Challengers,  

Zendaya donned a Louis Vuitton ensemble. The jacket collar and huge green buttons along the front of the baby doll cut garment.  

The Spider-Man actress's long legs were flaunted in a very short skirt with long sleeves, which was accentuated by a pair of white shoes.  

Her golden hair was styled in a sleek bun with a bang swept to the side, secured with a white ribbon.  

She had a really natural cosmetics palette and a pair of little gold hoops in her ears.  

Later on in the day, Zendaya stuck to the trend by dressing in a silk set blouse and pants for another springtime green ensemble.  

Her slightly flared pants legs fell over her ankles, partially veiling the strappy black and silver high heels on her feet,  

the shirt was undone at the bottom to reveal her toned abs.  

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