Zoo: Flaco the owl dies after 'apparent collision' with building

The adored Eurasian eagle-owl Flaco, who escaped from the Central Park Zoo the previous year, has passed away.   

In a statement made public on Friday night, the Central Park Zoo acknowledged the bird's passing.   

The Central Park Zoo said, "We are saddened to report that Flaco, the Eurasian eagle owl, was killed after an apparent collision with a building on West 89th Street in Manhattan.   

Flaco's exhibit was vandalized just over a year ago."   

According to the statement, building occupants reported Flaco's crash to the city-based wildlife rescue organization Wild Bird Fund (WBF).   

The zoo reported that "WBF staff swiftly reacted, retrieved the non-responsive owl, and shortly after declared him dead."  

"Zoo employees were alerted by the WBF, and they removed the bird and brought him to the Bronx Zoo for necropsy."

In February of last year, Flaco broke out of his exhibit at the Central Park Zoo when one or more vandals broke through the stainless steel mesh covering the cage, according to the zoo. It was his 13th year of residence.   

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