Zoologists confirm the cause of death of famed New York Owl Flaco.

Zoologists have determined the cause of death for Flaco, New York City's beloved Eurasian eagle-owl that escaped from Central Park Zoo last February.

According to zoo officials, Flaco perished on Friday evening after colliding with a Manhattan building.

The early findings from a necropsy performed by Bronx Zoo pathologists are consistent with mortality caused by acute traumatic injury, according to a statement from Central Park Zoo.

They discovered significant bleeding under the sternum and in the back of the body cavity near the liver, indicating that the primary impact occurred on the 13-year-old owl's body.

A minor amount of bleeding behind the left eye was also seen, but there was no sign of head trauma.

During the necropsy, no bone fractures were discovered, and his body was determined to be in good health at the time of death, with enough muscling and fat storage.

Flaco escaped just a year ago after a vandal broke into Central Park Zoo at night and cut a hole in his steel mesh cage, and he has since become a local celebrity on the streets of New York City.

Zoo authorities originally attempted to recapture the beautiful bird, but abandoned their efforts when Flaco appeared to thrive amid Manhattan's urban wilds.

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